DUB ELIZA! by Pygmalion



Student Work. The goal of the project was to create a vinyl cover inspired by an imaginary band and their music style.


The proposed creative concept, entitled “distortion”, derives from band`s name “Pygmalion” and its music genre – “DUB”.

Pygmalion’s story originates from Cyprus mythology but it had received numerous interpretations and expressions during history including George Bernard Shaw’s homonymous play and the narrative poem “The Metamorphosis of Ovid” amongst others. In each version, the story is based on the creation of the feminine ideal, either through the education of a girl -called Eliza Doolitle- or through the creation of a sculpture that came to life.

DUB music is accompanied by electronic effects, echoes, distortions and instrumental remixes of existing recordings. It grew out of reggae and was used either as a way to sample and define a type of erotic dance or as a sexual act itself.



Inspired by that name and genre the project’s intention was to make a reinterpretation of the myth using DUB forms. This new version, however, is based on the belief that the ideal woman has to disassociate the perception of herself from the represented and established perfect model. DUB music, through its constant rhythm, activates the personal awareness leading to the distortion of that perception.





For the project it has been asked to combine three elements: The body as an object/sculpture, the deconstruction of the established model and the aesthetic/visual distortion. To achieve this, a deformed graphic image of a nude and inexpressive woman has been chosen as a reference to Pygmalion’s sculpture. That visualization tends to represent the dynamism of life.