To develop and strategic communication project to end the AIDS contagion between teenagers between 15 and 16 years old. This campaign is promoted by Durex and the European Parliament.

Value proposal

Create a new voice that serves as a benchmark among teenage girls so that they become empowered and take control of their own sexuality. Thus, they can practise it in a conscious and safe way.



Latent sexual freedom. It intends to educate from the momentum of each teenager, creating the appropriate conversations between different groups of friends, giving arguments and serving as an example.


Visual Universe

The tone must be liberating and not dogmatic. Provocative, honest and familiar, ironice, adolescent and slightly pop. An atmosphere at the limit between childhood and maturity. With childish characteristics and others completely adult, in which there is a deep secual character and nuances of rebellion.



The aesthetic needed is beauty outside from the usual rules. Marked signs, hard and strong… girls with character and personality, that are not afraid of life. Everything has to navigate in a sea of adolescent’s character, where rose, ponies and princesses advance along with condoms and dildos.



The campaign

This campaign aims to reinterpret the submissive role and depend on the classic princesses. During this period, adolescents are in a permanent state of hypersexualization given by today’s society. The sexual protection must be disassociated from the sexual repression, giving a healthy ideal within the current frenzy. Thus, the people who are immersed in this environment and often are exposed to HIV, can develop prevention habits and the ability to say no.



The campaign begins with the launch of a teaser where the princess will be seen in an attitude completely different from that presented by Design. In the video we can see the logotype of an unknown voice, “Ponis y Penes”. Also, we will find the launch date of the campaign, the hashtag #fucktheprincess and the phrase «My story, my rules».



At the same time, campaign collaborators, Amarna Miller and Yellow Mellow, will be in charge of generating great expectations among their followers.



Two weeks later, will be rebelled the presence of “Ponis y Penes” as an organizer of one of the Primavera Sound stages. 18 artists, familiars to the feminist environment will be a sufficient reclamation so that the teenagers who do not know yet about the new brand, get informed. The advertising will take place on instagram, webpage and on the usual channels of the festival.



During the 5 days of the festival, each session will be inaugurated with the screening of a short story telling us about the adventures of a Disney princess who has decided to empower herself. As of this moment, and until the end of the summer, we will launch content related to the web; articles, interviews and videos that disseminate information and attitude. Thus, adolescents can grow sexually in a healthy and safe way.



A limited edition of DUREX condom will be offered for sale, while during the concert days will be given away for free. In addition, will be offered in sale underwares and a book compilation of stories.


Until the end of the campaign, the role of the European Parliament and DUREX is not rebelled in order to generate greater credibility and empathy with the target audience.