Student work. Nomination to ELISAVA PROFESSIONAL EDITION AWARDS 2017.

The aim of the project was to create an innovative concept with artistic linework for the next world tour of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey which will be a tribute to Kurt Weill.
In this project, creative freedom contributes to promote the tour, sell vinyls and increase the artists reputation.



Increase the exclusivity of concerts and make a non-digital immersive experience. Scene follows the artists aesthetics, creating an innovative and unprecedented proposal that doesn’t reproduce the previous shows.



“Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brillance
In Makind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance
And for once you must try not to shrink the face
Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts”
(Kurt Weill)


William Burrought in “Three Penny Opera” makes a strong question. What keeps alive our society? This thought makes us rethink the way we see Kurt Weill’s work and the possibility of fusing this new perspective with the artistic path of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey works.



What allows society to advance is “bestiality” which borns from the depth of our escense: the instinct.


“And, don’t you see, the terror of the position was not in being knocked on the head—though I had a very lively sense of that danger, too—but in this, that I had to deal with a being to whom I could not appeal in the name of anything high or low.”

(Joseph Conrrad)


Conrad tells us that human bestiality is man’s brutish part. It appears when we step away from society and enter into the depths of our escense. It is a necessary bestiality that arises on the surface at those moments in which our survival depends.



“However much you twist, or whatever lies that you tell. Food is the first thing, morals follow on.”

(Kurt Weill)


This brutality is not a situation to be seen just from an individual perspective but from a collective as well. This helps us to understand society as a macro-organism.




The conceptual linework, intents to express bestiality as an immaterial energy. It is transmitted amongst people as the city’s beat. It behaves like a nervous and organic system.



Critic and grotesque, with dark shades and special attention to details. With a tone of contrasts between dehumanization and brutal passions. Tension, fear and hardness must be activated, increasing the pulsations and giving a slight discomfort in our skin.



The bestiality of the organic social system that we form part as species is expressed in space as places where the beastly acts have left our mark. They are places that are released. In the words of Marc Augé, they must have “presence of the past in the present that overflows and vindicates”. For this reason, we look for locations – such as Mary Queens cross, Auswitch or Hiroshima – where there are bestial acts that have taken place, which will be used for concerts.


The intention is to emphasize the “bestiality” using textured materials and branched forms that reinforce the ideas of raw material and society as a living organisms.

Light and shadow allow the highlight of shapes and textures. The chasing of the abrupt and organic that appears in the physical world after the bestiality. Shadows seem to represent the scars, which erase part of what has happened.



Going through the place, the viewer gradually will immerse himself in the particular aesthetic of bestiality. Entering this way, he is able to see the play from a perspective bathed in that feeling.



The stage will be the heart of this bestiality. The center where everything is going and everything starts. This should be an extremely subtle perception, that in the interaction with light, remind us of the ventricular movement.

Dresses follow the aesthetic line as well. However, we will try to make the texture insignificant. Thus, this importance is taken by the actors.



The graphic expression of this project must be elegant and austere, since it’s developed from an exclusive nature. At the same time, and for the afore-mentioned reason, it must contain an essence, it can not be eight. It needs a message or a concept to communicate.

In this way, a work has been done in the previous conceptual line, emphasizing the white as color and raising the meaning to a more symbolic than visual setting.





The teaser of “Heart Beat” must be shocking. The crude and dark tone of bestiality must be shown. Thus, there are some images of the sinister locations and the singers following the rhythm. Background voice; the reading of William Barrou that inspired this project. This creates a pulse that mixes image and concept.