The goal of the project was to redesign the aestethic and the logotipe of NONAINA.CAT following the originari character and identity.



As a proposal of value, it is proposed to reinvent the aesthetic codes of ecology, leaving the green and brown due to the lack of clarity and elegance. It is proposed to expend the aesthetic possibilities by assuming the codes of digital companies and open source streams as their own, putting the clarity and simplicity as a central value.



The chosen concept is “open eco-healthy”. This concept is based on the belief that we live in a new knowledge revolution in which the visual codes must be clear and functional. On the other hand, in this environment, appears a new target group that is interested on the values ​​of ecology and sustainability. However, is immersed in the technological age and recognizes visual network imputs as its own language.



Therefore, following this concept, we want to take the language that has emerged in digital companies such as Google, in which color simplicity and naive minimalism are the most characteristic features.



In these circumstances, we should have in mind that ecology is not a marginalised consum form anymore, but by time it becomes the main consum form in our society. For that reason, they can start introducing brand’s ribulsives as personalisation.


In this case, it has been decided to create a family of personalities that represent a sustainable lifestyle but yet connected and open to future and world, adding an illustration warm touch by Mikel Moragues.







//Il·lustrador: Mikel Moragues.