Student Work// The aim of the project is to create a key concept which articulates a visual linework for an indepedent magazine. The chosen form has to explain the concepts regarding to the aesthetic classification. Realizes possible examples for an hipothetical edition.



“Idealistic multiculturalism” is the concept that articulates that project. It derives form the cultural mixture that exists in Barcelona. The places of cultural exchange, amongsts them Plaza Real, turn into main hotspot where interculturalism happens. For that reason, our magazine adopts the name and follows the spirit of the public space.

Thus, the paper edition intents to visibilize and increase the interaction between cultures. Therefor, each edition will be dedicated to these and to their influences at Barcelona’s dynamic, aiming to the unveiling of city’s reaction.



The aim is to create an alternative magazine that responds to “Sublime” aesthetic category. For that reason, it has to have excelent content and image expressing freedom, improvisation, rythme, diversity and perfection. The photography used originates from Finn Beales, since he responds to the image needed for the edition.