The aim of the project was to create a corporative identity for a “ratafia” productor. Ratafia is an alcohol drunk in Occidental Mediterranean.




“Elegance & freedom Wind” is the concept that weaves the project. Smell the wind, look at the sky and listen to the gentle swishing sound of the rustling of leaves in the trees on a breezy night. This moment is correlated to freedom and peace. Two words that this brand wants to express. Freedom for a bold life. Freedom for spending our time on what we love.

Start-up’s goal is not to create a massive product, but to fill each bottle with a piece of their soul. A spirit that must touch every person and convey the values of dialogue and human relationships, freedom, quality and originality.

“It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble.”
“To eat and drink without a friend is to devour like the lion and the wolf.”
// Epicurus


Disseny Gràfic

Following the linework, the forms of the wind have been used in order to express this feeling of liberation. Soft and adaptable, dynamic and forceful. This symbolism, conveyed by a design and a palette of calm colors, communicates the sensation of a calm reflection that always accompanies freedom.